1.Go to your email and accept the invitation to your class wiki.

You will have to create an account with pbworks to view that wiki (because it is private)

2.Create a pbworks account with your first name and initial as your login (e.g. FredericN, SimonB, MelissaT)

3. Then create your own workspace.

4. Click on "create a new page" in your own newly created wiki -and NOT in the class wiki - name your page "CourselogFN" or "CourselogSB", i.e. Courselog-and-your-initials (do not leave this newly created page empty or it will disappear!)

Create a second new page and call it VocabularySB, or VocabularyMT (as above)


5. From the front page of your wiki, you are going to create a link to your vocabulary and courselog pages, and a link back to the class wiki


6. Invite your teacher to join your wiki (preferably as "editor")

7..You can also try to create a link From the Class wiki to your own (a link which must open in a new window) BUT, only one person can edit a page at the same time, so you have to be quick doing that! Make sure you are ready, with your address already copied into your pasteboard (Ctrl+C) before you try to edit the front page of the class wiki PLEASE - and don't steal the lock without first asking the person who's name appears on your screen when you press edit.

So - if you are waiting your turn, there are a number of things you can do:

a). If you are a perfectionist, you can erase the pages pbworks already put on your workspace (Blank Page, Assignments, Course, Meeting Agenda, Syllabus, and Activity Tracking - you need only the FrontPage, and Sidebar)

b).Link the dictionary lodceonline (Longman Dictionary of Contempory English) to your vocabulary page (and make it open in a new window)

c).Upload an image to your private space - but make sure your image is not too big.

d).Upload a small image of the dictionary to create the link to the dictionary from the image - it looks much better :-)

e). use your imagination :-)