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1.accept the invitation to the class wiki (follow the instructions- create an account with pbworks)


2.  create your own workspace.

- Click on "create a new page" in your own newly created wiki   (do not leave this newly created page empty or it will disappear!)

- Create a second new page and give it a name)


3. From the front page of your wiki,  create a link to your two new pages

4. Invite your teacher as editor to your new workspace.

5. Create a link  to the class wiki i.e. a link  to an outside site,


6. Invite your teacher to join your wiki (preferably as "editor")



Overview of the whole process


7..(this too is later DU folk .. sorry) You can also try to create a link From the Class wiki to your own (a link which must open in a new window)

a). If you are a perfectionist, you can erase the pages pbworks already put on your workspace (Blank Page, Assignments, Course, Meeting Agenda, Syllabus, and Activity Tracking - you need only the FrontPage, and Sidebar)

b).Link the dictionary lodceonline (Longman Dictionary of Contempory English) to your vocabulary page (and make it open in a new window)

c).Upload an image to your private space - but make sure your image is not too big.


30:04:2018 Pbworks says that since this wiki has been inactive for 11 months it is to be erased if not used.

I do think that this is a very reasonable policy

check it doesn't get erased !

and again !

I bet this is out of date now, but here we go again for another year (2021)

PBworks reclaims URLs when they have not been revisited for a year.

This wiki was visited and altered by adding this text on 12th Sept 2022


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