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Make your own workspace

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How  to


Making you own wiki on pbworks is as easy as 1-2-3




1. Choose the name of your space carefully


For your teacher's sake, please call your wiki "YearSpecialityYourInitials"

e.g.  2014m1CN_FB  or  2014l3PC_DW  or  2015l3phys_SR,

2. the next screen allows you to choose if you want your workspace to be public or private. It's often a good idea to start off with a private space, so that no one can see it until you decide it's OK for others to see ! When it's private you can either invite people to see it, or you can paste the link somewhere, and if someone clicks on that link, you have to "approve their membership" (see below). You can choose to make it public and freely available later if you wish i.e. you can come back and change the settings.

Please invite your teacher (as editor)


That's it! you're in! Just click on the edit tab at the top of your first page.










If you want to invite someone to come and see it then:

And add the email of the person, or people you wish to invite. It is also via the "users" tab that you can see who has asked to join your wiki


Now that was easier than 1-2-3 :-)




And then it's a good idea to delete those pages which pbworks provides you with before you start

as shown in the video below


back to how to



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