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Using images

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Always look at the size of your image. One straight off most cameras can easily be something like this:



That's 2448 pixels wide, whereas a computer screen often only has something like 1024 pixels by 768 pixels - that means that a picture 1024px wide will  already fill the screen of your computer. (all that extra information is needed when you want to print a picture on paper)

Also here 2,49 Mo (mega octets) is a lot of space (my computer is French - that's 2.49MB in English (megabytes)

So it's always a good idea to resize images when putting them on any web page.

There are lots of ways of resizing images. Here's a free website which I have used a lot, and which makes it easy to select just part of an image and produce it at the size you wish.






anyways, please do NOT use images which are too big for online use.

Just follow the instructions from pbworks to insert it where you want on your page



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